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The Sorger Group, LLC is a group of licensed mental health professionals trained in traditional Western psychotherapeutic theory, methods, and practice.  These include techniques based psychodynamic, relational and cognitive behavioral theory.  Over years of personal and professional practice and growth, these providers have discovered that these ideologies, although valuable in their healing capacity, are also limited in their scope.  As a result, they have incorporated spiritually based ideologies into their knowledge base, allowing the material of the unconscious mind to play a substantial role in leading to greater knowledge of both, that which ails, and that which is the path to healing.  These include neurolinguistic programming, pathwork, and past life regression therapy, amongst other eastern based philosophies.



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Our Mission


The Sorger Group's mission is to aid those in transition from the darkness to the light.  This includes the ultimate transition of physical death as well as other life changes and transformative circumstances.


The ultimate transition is physical death. These clinicians are especially interested in this area aiding in the alleviation of the  emotional and physical challenges associated with this process. Bereavement and grief counseling is inherent in this paradigm as well.


In order to undergo life altering transformation in our lives, we must leave something behind. We must allow a part of ourselves to die in order to establish a new beginning. The Sorger Group, LLC is also equipped to aid individuals and couples through these transitions with experience in the areas of mood and anxiety disorders, addiction, and eating challenges. The Sorger Group, LLC can also help if you do not fit into any of these clinical categories yet seek a greater depth of understanding regarding yourself, your identity, and/or your relationships.

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